40 Inspirational Birthday Message for Sister — Emotional & Funny
40 Inspirational Birthday Message for Sister

40 Inspirational Birthday Message for Sister

Sisters are an integral part of the foundation of family. They are a blessing in life and that is why they deserve the warmest wishes on their birthday. These wishes will be worthwhile to them as they get to know how much they mean to the family and it strengthens the bond between siblings. Here are some examples of wishes that you can send to your sister on her special day:

Happy birthday wishes for sister

1. My life is meaningless without you. How would I have learn the realities of life without you? That there is competition out there, there is collaboration, there is partnership, perfectly taught by you my sister in the safety of our home, as we played. You are indeed a gift not just to me but the whole world!! Happy birthday dear sister.

Happy birthday wishes for sister

2. Nobody chooses who to have for a sister. I am happy it had to be you! So caring and teaching me everything I need to know in life. What a mentor, Happy birthday dear sister.

3. You taught me to obey our parents, I never got into any trouble. What a wise sister. I am a friend to everyone, you taught me how to. I never got into trouble at school, because you taught me how to keep away from trouble, Happy birthday dear sister.

4. My sister knows everything. Any time I need to solve a problem I call her and she provides a solution instantly! Thank you for being there for me. Who would not celebrate when such an angel was born? Happy birthday sister.

5. When I have problems with my children, I call you. When I have problems with my husband, I call you, when I want to organize for my family members successes, I call you. You are an angel. happy birthday dear sister

6. When I am sad, I call my sister, When I am happy, I call my sister, When I am fearful, I call my sister, When I am not sure What to do, I call her. Yet she will continue listening on. What an angel! Happy birthday dear sister.

7. When I want to dress for occasions, I call my sister. When I am expected to give a talk, my sister is my first judge! What a gift to humanity. Happy birthday sister

8. So selfless and always seeking to understand others! What a gift to humanity? Happy birthday dear sister

9. What can I say of a sister who does the house chores without a single complaint, what can be said about the peace and love that one feels every time she comes home? What a joy to have you as my sister! Happy birthday sister.

10. She will organize for holiday travels and take all of us Out, without a single complain. She hides the bills so that you do not see them, just to make your day and make people happy! What a sister! Happy birthday dear sister

Emotional birthday wishes for sister

1. I still have it. Yes, that gift you gave me when I was young. You did not have the money to buy a new one, yet You did it, you gave it to me and you left me in tears. Happy birthday dear sister

Emotional birthday wishes for sister

2. Whenever I’m sad or in turmoil you always drop everything and always try to come my aid. I’m so glad that I not only found family in you but I also found a friend. Here’s to you on your amazing day. Happy birthday dear sister.

3. For almost our entire lives we have lived together as though we will never be separated, but I know that in the long run you will have to go be with your significant other and I’m so glad to see you happy. Therefore, my desire for you on this Birthday will be that you will consistently be honored with the adoration and satisfaction you deserve. Happy Birthday dear sister!

4. You have been brave and resilient ever since we were children and now you’ve grown up to be an amazing woman. I’m so glad that your children have you as their mother because you are truly a blessing. Happy birthday dear sister.

5. I know that we have never seen eye to eye more often than not. Families quarrel but at the end of the day we’re there for each other. You’re my sister and as you celebrate your birthday I want to apologize if any of my words have ever hurt you. Happy birthday dear sister. I love you so much.

6. As everyone you know and love take the time to wish you a happy birthday, I want to join them and send prayers up that you may have a better year than the one that’s just ended. Happy birthday dear sister. We will toast to another year round the sun.

7. Just like flowers in a room, you brighten up the place with your presence. May you continue to bloom as you turn a year older today. Happy birthday dear sister.

8. Happy birthday Sister. Words cannot explain how much you mean to us as your siblings. You took care of us when our mother died and bared the pain and the work so that we wouldn’t have to. Although it’s not much, we just want to celebrate your special day and wish you a happy birthday dear sister.

9. Growing up, I’ve always considered you to be my mentor and have followed your lead when it came to living life. On your special day I just want to appreciate all that you have done for me since there would be no me without you. Happy birthday dear Sister.

10. Happy birthday dear sister. You have always been my support system even at times I didn’t realize. My life would be dull and underwhelming if I didn’t have a sister like you. Have an amazing birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

1. Watching you grow up has been one of the highlights of my life. Its been a huge honor being your big sibling and as you celebrate your birthday, I would like to wish you nothing but the best of what this life has to offer. Happy birthday dear sister.

Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

2. You being the last born in our family is such a blessing. You are a gift and on your special day I hope and pray for you that your day will be as special as you are to us. Happy birthday dear sister.

3. It seems like just yesterday that you were born. Time really flies huh! As you grow up, I just want you to know that I will always be here for you. So, if ever you feel unappreciated, know that you are valued and loved deeply. Happy birthday dear sister.

4. I know I say this a lot but you are one of the best gifts that God ever sent to us. I wish you nothing but good health and prosperity as you turn a year older. Happy birthday dear sister.

5. As we celebrate your special day, I can’t help but reminisce. I remember teaching you how to use the swings and how you fell down, got up almost immediately, dusted yourself off and got back on I again. I knew what type of woman you would grow up to be. I’m so glad to see it coming to fruition. Happy birthday dear sister. May you have many more birthdays.

6. Sending you lots of love on your birthday. Even as you grow older, you’ll always be my young sister. I will always take care of you. Happy birthday dear sister.

7. As much as you’re younger than me I always find myself counting on you for advice and you make me look at things from a different perspective. I will always love you. Happy birthday dear sister.

8. As you celebrate your birthday, I wish you all the success in the world as you begin this new chapter in your life. I still can’t believe my younger sister is old enough to have a profession! Happy birthday dear sister.

9. Being an older sibling, sometimes I may find you to be stubborn and annoying sometimes, but the bottom line is that I always miss you when you’re not around. Enjoy your birthday.

10. Friends come and go but family is forever. This is my message to you on your special day, I want to assure you that I’ll always be here for you when you need me. Happy birthday baby sister.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

1. Happy birthday dear sister. Even as you celebrate your special occasion, I just wanted to let you know that I was always the smart one. Have a blast.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

2. Happy birthday dear sister. Mom sends her wishes and told me to inform you that you’re doing the chores after blowing your candles. Enjoy your day!

3. Happy birthday dear sister. At this point I don’t know why they haven’t tuned this day into a holiday seeing as you love the attention. Have a lovely day.

4. Happy birthday to you dear sister. I’m sure you’ll take this day to appreciate how you have the best sibling in the world. Enjoy your day.

5. Happy birthday dear sister. I have no idea how much I love you despite you being annoying and a test of patience. Love ya!

6. Everyone unanimously agreed that you are the wildcard of our family. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to wish you a very happy birthday.

7. As you celebrate your birthday today, my gift to you is finally telling you that I was the one who stole your toy all those years ago. Happy birthday dear sister!

8. Happy birthday dear sister. Even as things between us could get messy and heated, we always work it out since we have a strong bond which is our craziness. Have a blast dear sister!

9. No matter how old you grow, I still hold the right to tease you since you’re younger than me. Happy birthday dear sister.

10. Happy birthday dear sister. Till date nobody can make me laugh as much as you do. You’re a real goofball. Have a really wonderful day.