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How to make your boyfriend happy

Simple Secrets & Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy

Being in a relationship makes you show your affection to your partner, relationships show the connection, behavior, and association between you and your lover, it brings physical, sexual, and emotional connection and involves dedication and honesty to one another.

But one can only make their lover happy by knowing the characteristics that make or break a relationship, knowing this secret can help cement the walls of a romantic relationship.

Here are some basic ways to make your boyfriend or partner feel happy in a relationship

1. Life Support:

Men act masculine, but occasionally their personal lives are a disaster as well. Talking to your boyfriend about his ambition and dreams shows how important you take his dreams.

Inspire him and assist him in achieving his objectives. make him feel your presence and he will never take you for granted after achieving his goal, you will be his number priority.

2. He Needs Hugs Too:

When it comes to nice affectionate moments, guys are soft-hearted. They might not always ask for a hug, but he will appreciate the way you feel in his arms if you suddenly run up to him and give him a close embrace.

Let him feel your breath on his chest with a silent kiss when letting go.

3. Trust Him:

Tell your guy you believe in him and that you do. A man becomes more devoted to his woman and exerts greater effort to maintain her happiness when he is aware that she trusts him.

Don’t make him feel like you are bugging or snubbing around his business, give him time to express himself.

4. Look Good Always:

Guys are drawn to attractive girls right away. The same applies to your partner. When you’re with him, dress nicely and look stunning, and you’ll brighten his day.

5. Always Compliment Your Boyfriend:

Guys adore compliments when they get one, as a girlfriend, always inform him of how cool his clothes are, and how nice it smells.

All these qualities will make him appreciate you in his life and make him see more reasons to keep you in his life.

6. Keep His Secrets:

There is a popular saying that whatever happens in Rome stays in Rome. In other words, if your lover trusts you enough to tell you his secret, especially the ones that can harm him.

Make sure you try to keep it a secret by any possible means. This act shows how mature and trustworthy you are as a girlfriend

Plus, you are under no need to inform him of the details of the good-faith conversations you have with your female friends. Let him know, though, if there is something that can jeopardize your relationship.

With that said, here are some things to avoid while in a relationship:

1. Comparison:

When we compare ourselves to other relationships, we may create a barrier that prevents us from seeing ourselves or another person.

In this way, it could be more difficult to connect with our partners. for instance, if we compare our spouse to someone else’s partner, we are deciding to view our partner through the prism of being insufficient and making them feel like they are not meeting up to expectations.

Note: Instead of allowing comparison in your relationship, do this instead:

✓ Confess To One Another:

Honesty to both your lover and yourself must come first. Why do you feel the need to always compete with your lover? Is it because you detest losing? You must be honest about your motivations and refrain from using any justifications.

By doing this, you’ll be able to find the best answer and make your partner more aware of the underlying causes of your excessive competition.

✓ Be Inspired Rather Than Being Jealous:

You must adopt a different viewpoint if you’re one of those individuals that constantly compete to allay their jealousy. Using envy as motivation for your behavior can have negative effects on your relationship and you personally.

Try to be inspired by your partner’s achievement rather than being envious of it. Never hold your partner’s failure against them, you, or anybody else for that matter.

✓ Celebrate Your Lovers Success:

This one is doable, especially if you genuinely love and care for your lover. You can tame your competitive side if you can learn to celebrate your partner’s accomplishment even though it is not reciprocal.

Celebrate with your companion and let them know how proud you are of them! Put aside your individual preferences and interests for a while.

After all, there should always be giving and taking in relationships; you cannot expect things to work in your favor and just your favor alone.

Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy On The Phone?

Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy On The Phone

In a world full of technology, it is easy to communicate, and flirt with your lover over the phone.

1. The Presence Of Social Media:

With social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, making your boyfriend happy on the phone becomes a breeze.

This is how far technology has gone. You can show your boyfriend how romantic you are, by using relevant stickers, emojis, and gifs to spice up your chats.

2. Good Old Phone Call:

It”s important to call your partner to know about their well-being and ofcause ask them how their day went.

Anytime you call, always remember to talk about the good experience you’ve had with him and how much you miss him.

With that said, make sure to end every phone call with “I love you”

3. Send Romantic Text Messages:

If you are dealing with a romantic guy, you must have a good flirting vibe to go along with his characteristics.

Sending a simple message can make his heart away to the moon and back to your heart.

Below are some samples you can send him:

✓ I wish you were close to me right now

✓ I had a sweet dream about you and me last night

✓ I just heard a song on YouTube and it describes our relationship perfectly

✓ wanna sleep on your body tonight

Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy On Chat

The Internet has played an important role in helping lovers keep in touch. Technology has been the easiest and fastest way to relate with your lover, and there are different ways and apps used in chatting with your partner.

1. The Use Of WhatsApp:

Emojis and gifs can be used in love discussions, you can attempt to occasionally make your text more personal.

Call him pets names frequently when speaking, and send him a picture with a romantic note written beside it. You can start the conversation using his preferred love, like my love, heart desires rather than just saying “hello.”

This frequently prompts an immediate response during the live chat.

Ask your guy questions about himself when you’re texting him. just like what have you eaten, where are you going today, what will be his outfit.

✓ While chatting with him, always tell him how much you’ve missed him when you see him how tight you will hug him, and make him feel special anytime you chat him up.

✓ Send Him pictures: There are times when a picture speaks a thousand words. It is advisable to send a snapshot from somewhere or something you know will have intimate overtones if you are unable to compose a message that is too explicit.

Instead of saying “Good morning” and “Good night,” you might send him recordings of your charming voice saying “Good morning” and “Good night.

Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy When He Is Sad

Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy When He Is Sad

the ultimate trigger for men’s sadness is when they are being bullied by friends or lost something they love.

A man with dropping jaws who makes sad-looking faces makes a relationship feel boring and not worthwhile.

As a girlfriend, when you notice these red flags, it’s your job to try to cheer him up, after all, he is your lover.

You can do that by following any of these suggestions:

1. Take Them Out:

Consider taking him out for ice cream or to the movies to divert his attention. Getting your partner outside can likely cheer him up if he is having a bad day.

Doing this can help him forget about his problems. Try to organize a pleasant date when the two of you can just hang out.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend or you don’t live close to him, consider sending him a love message that can cheer him up that works too.

2. Send Him Gifts:

Anyone can feel better when gifted a new pair of Jordans, or a box of chocolates. You can as well drop by your boyfriend’s house with a lovely bottle of wine or an arrangement of flowers.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but even a tiny gift will let him know you’re thinking about him.

It can also serve as a welcome diversion from whatever difficulties he is facing.

3. Hugs and Kiss Works:

A fantastic technique to show your partner you care is through physical contact. Give him a hug or kiss if you two often give each other kiss when he’s sad.

It could be a good idea to ask first before the kiss or hug. So make sure that kissing your partner is intimately okay with your lover

4. Give Him Space:

When your partner is sad, and he needs space, grant it to him, because he’s ready to meditate on his challenge, Most people prefer to be by themselves when they are sad.