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Sad Break Up Text That Will Make Him Cry

Touching & Sad Break Up Text That Will Make Him Cry

Relationships have pitfalls, ups, and downs. If after proper conversations and visits to relationship counselors and nothing happens, taking a break will be advisable. Keeping in touch with breakup texts could be very hard. Although, breaking up physically could be disastrous but texting makes it easier. However, to make him or her feel sad after reading the text, you need to have a choice of words that will be emotional. Choose words that are hurtful and painful so that he or she will be affected. 

In this article, we have some sad break-up text that could be used in times of separation. There are heart-touching, respectful, and heartbreaking messages that could make him or her cry. The breakup text could be sent to your girlfriend or boyfriend. But let’s focus first on the sad breakup text that could make him cry. 

Sad Break Up Text That Will Make Him Cry 

Sad Break Up Text That Will Make Him Cry 

1. I gave you my world but you turn it to trash; you will live to regret this. 

2. Meeting you was the best thing but your recent attitude toward me is giving me exit signals; I’m gone. Farewell! 

3. I called you mine and you answered but you’ve been treating me like a peripheral. I thought I would have ended up with you but I have changed my mind. The hurtful feeling is too much for the harbor. Bye! 

4. My life with you has been miserable since you left me but it’s necessary. Living in peace is better than love in pain.

5. Going our different ways is the best option than staying with a man that has given me fake promises. You lied to me that you love me but you never showed it for a bit. Goodbye. 

6. Accepting you has been the worst decision of my life. You’ve made the rest of my life blurry and you will live to regret your action toward me. 

7. Life is too short to live without love. You will miss me because I do treat you like my king. It’s better to celebrate on a tricycle than to cry on an airplane. 

8. You might feel that calling to quit our relationship is my own worst but I promise you, I can leave without you. Go and never return. 

9. I promise to be your source of happiness but you don’t deserve it. Stay alone but don’t look for me because you will never find me. 

10. I was blind for the whole time to allow you to be in my heart all this while but my heart is closed for your love. It’s over. 

11. Your attitude towards me is standing as a lesson to me. I have learned never to trust a liar. 

12. After all the love we have confessed and shared, you cheated on me for no just cause. I’m gone for good. 

13. When I think of how long we’ve been in this relationship, breaking up would have been the last option but your new attitude toward me is waving goodbye to me. I should find my way before it’s too late. 

14. Baby, you were my source of happiness but since you returned from your trip, you have changed automatically. You no longer treat and care for me the way you always do. Maybe my presence detests you and leaving you will be the best option. Farewell! 

15. I met you when you had nothing but now you’ve made it, you now regard me as an infidel. I cried countless times for the pain you’ve caused me. Probably, because I have been tolerating your excesses but you never cared about the way I feel. I wish no one treats you the same as you treat me!

16. With tears and agony in my eyes, I write to thank you for wasting my time. After all, we’ve been through this relationship. Well, God knows the best. But believe me, I loved you. I had all planned out for us to end up together as a couple but the possibility is fatal. 

17. I’m restless because I can’t fathom the reason for your recent attitude towards me. What have I done? These have been my regular questions to you but you preferred to keep mute. No problem. I have left you for good. 

18. Honestly, it is painful to live for a moment without you but I have tried my best to see if things would work out again between us, all to no avail. Probably, you are seeing someone else already and I think granting you the space you need is a good idea. Stay in peace. 

19. Anytime I close my eyes, I recall the sweet memories of you. Breaking up with you is very hard but I can’t help it. The love between us has traveled far beyond my imagination. 

20. You are my irreplaceable but I think we are not compatible enough to continue in this relationship. Just be safe and don’t miss me. 

Sad Break-Up Texts That Will Make Her Cry 

Sad Break-Up Texts That Will Make Her Cry 

1. I still love you regardless. But I need to concentrate on my work now. It’s taking my time to the extent that loving you isn’t my problem again. Besides, things are no longer the way they used to be. Take care. 

2. The affection I have for you has been dragged into the mud. Even if you weigh it in a balance, it will still be empty. I have lost it. Let’s take a break. 

3. After some reflection, I’ve got to know that we are not made for each other. I am now more attracted to myself than anyone else. I think we should call it a quit. 

4. It’s been weeks since we stopped talking to each other and I deem it fit to text you that it is over between us. You can’t continue living in disguise to please me. Just be yourself. I’m tired. 

5. Recently, I don’t believe our relationship is going to be productive. In the end, it’s time to say farewell to each other. 

6. No doubt! We had a lot of fun hooking up over the last few days. I don’t see this directing to anything more significant in the long run. I don’t need a perfect match for me. 

7. I actually know why I’m feeling numb at this time of year. Our love couldn’t be shut because of a step that couldn’t be nullified. This wasn’t my plan before we commenced the relationship. But always remember that you will always be a part of my life, even if my heart is shattered. From my heart to yours, farewell! 

8. There is no gain to continue this relationship. Probably, we don’t deserve each other. Truth be told, if we proceed with this attitude, we will kill one another. The proposal is condemned from the start, my angel. There’s nothing bad with the fact that we are not compatible. We need better lovers. 

9. Previously, I trusted you. Your love is a source of true fulfillment. The misconception, however, was short-lived. I treated you like trash, I know very well but I say “thank you”. You don’t deserve me, sweetheart. 

10. After our recent misunderstanding, I have the conclusion that we should part ways. It’s better than a fruitless relationship my love. Just be safe. 

11. My love for you can’t be measured by a weighing balance but not anymore. I should let you know that allowing you to wait for me. I have found someone else I am in love with baby. Take care. 

12. From the commencement of this relationship, you have wounded me knowing full well that I love you so much. Well, since you are tired of our union, it’s high time we take a break. Maybe I was blind in the first place. You have all the time now. I am leaving you for good. 

13. I’m perplexed that the only solution to our problem is a breakup but God knows the best for us. I will miss you because I loved you so much. Goodbye! 

14. With tears in my eyes, I write this piece of information to inform you that I am tired of the pain you have caused me since you accepted to be my girlfriend. It’s all over now. I made mistakes. 

15. Alas! You did it again after I forgive you. Well, it seems that you are already tired of the relationship. Don’t bother telling me you’re tired. Your action has said it all. Bye! 

16. My everything. The girl that controls my heart. You are my desire but we can’t continue doing this. Sorry but I am serious. 

17. I keep on remembering the overwhelming moments we spent together as lovers. You were the best but I’m no longer interested. Find your way now that we have not gone far. 

18. Any moment without you is like food with an absence of salt. But I don’t think we should continue doing this. I can’t continue to leave in my presence. I don’t love you anymore. 

19. Salvaging a relationship that you have given me reasons to quit is pointless. Sometimes I wonder if I am the one forcing myself on you. Best regards girl! 

20. The connection between us can’t be traded by a coin but it’s obvious that you are tired of the relationship. Pressing forward to this would be a disaster. Just go your way. 

Break Up Texts To Make Him Feel Bad 

Break Up Texts To Make Him Feel Bad 

1. I have lost the feeling I have for you. I know it hurts but there is nothing I can do. It’s over between us. 

2. Trouble and misconception never end in our love life. Even when properly sorted out, we keep on having issues. That’s just a sign that we are not made to be together. I’m sorry if this might hurt you but I have moved on. 

3. Trees are not planted to live forever. The same is our relationship. I have tried my best to make it happen but it’s obvious that you don’t need me in your life any longer. I’m gone but make sure that you will not beg me in the future. 

4. I remember how long I cried over my last relationship. I told you and you promised to be the best guy I have ever dated. Then, why the sudden change? However, I just have to do it so it will not be that I’m wasting your time. Please, we need to go our separate ways.

5. I love you with all my heart. No doubt! But I never planned to live in a man’s house. But I did it just for you. I’m a woman and I deserve to be shown so much affection. You no longer value me as usual. My words sound like thunder before you. Even when I try to ask you why you act so mad at me. This is not healthy at all. I might lose my sense of reasoning if I continue with you. Goodbye! 

6. I see no hope in this relationship anymore. No happy moments. No communication. No enjoyment. Is there any need to continue? NO IS THE ANSWER. Probably you prefer other girls to me. So I don’t have reasons to continue. 

7. Despite all my pleadings, you still have a strong heart for me. No one is sinless and I know that any relationship without an error never lasts. Since your recent character has proven that you don’t need me again, I have left you. 

8. The elements of ending relationship are hatred, abuse, and misunderstanding. I have already seen them written on the wall of our relationship. I’m tired of pretending as if it is better. Farewell! 

9. Life is full of misery but dating a man who believes that his words are final is hell. You don’t deserve me in your life. You have been the source of my pain since I met you. Although I thought you will change, by the look of things, changing is very far from you. I’m leaving but trust me, no one will treat you the way I do. 

10. I know that breaking up is not the best way to handle an issue in a relationship. To be frank, I can’t live without you but the pain I will feel after the break-up is better for me than keeping up this relationship. We just have to take off and commence a new life. Our strength is not sufficient enough to face a new challenge in life but this time, we should make it possible. We can do it, let’s break up for good.


Lovers do have issues and still try their best to keep it going. But if after drastic measures and the pitfalls keep coming, take a break. We are able to write some sad break up messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Just select any one that suits your complaint.