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Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry

Emotional Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry

Touching love messages to make him cry 

Are you looking for the touching love messages to send to your boyfriend? This is the right place for. If you and your partner are separated by distance, it is advised to continue sending him tear-jerking emotional texts. This will make your relationship even sweeter.

Touching love messages to make him cry

1. I wish I could have a hurt kiss with you at this moment. I’m sorry for any difficulty you are passing through right now. You are my shield in the storm, and make my mind peaceful! Whether we are together or separated by distance, I promised to be always there for you, and I have kept you in the bottom of my heart my pleasure!

2. Even though we are not together right now, our hearts are not separated, I’m always there for you wherever you need me until death separates us apart. Your smile, the feeling I had from your skin and your heartbeat kept me imagining how lucky I am to be with you. But I can’t neglect the fact that the night seems longer whenever you are absent. But I believe our hearts are connected and we will meet again.

Touching love messages to make him cry

3. My heart becomes darkened and makes me shed tears whenever I turn around and do not feel your presence. I strongly believe that one day you will appear to me surprisingly and we’ll share our love together. I have no friend except you, and you are the love of my life.

4. Life is so boring without you, but the fact that we will be together again makes me stronger everyday. I’m very lucky to be chosen by you out of thousands of girls in the world, you are my love and I cherish that.

5. Honey! Although we are not together right now, expressing my feelings through messages will reduce the burden in my heart. Our relationship is a valuable one, we are determined to be together and you should know that every day is special with you in it.

6. I need someone who will love me, care for me and understand my feelings and you are the one. I will never forget your kindness and support, I will continue to love you till my last breath my sweetheart!

7. We couldn’t be together today but I strongly believe that you cherish my love for you. It’s extraordinary the way you feel your love, your feelings, and your well being even though we are not close. Hope everyday gives you a reason to be happy without my present with you my love.

8. You have given the reason to be happy in this world, the distance between us will only make me feel stronger provided you are there for me. I become happier whenever I think about you, and I’m blessed to date the strongest man on earth.

9. Even though we are far apart physically, you should know that your thoughts are the last thing that follows me to bed, my heart will always be there for you.

10. You inspire me everyday. It touches my heart to know that you go through a lot of difficulties and do not want me to worry about you. I just want to let you know that you are the one I love and I always think about you. You are my joy giver!

11. You are my hero. You have everything I need and I will always be there for you in any situation. Even though things are not well now, I couldn’t be without you and I promise to do whatever I can to make you happy.

12. I know it will not be easy, but I will extend and spread my love until it reaches you. I just can’t be without you! 

13. I know that your situation right now is not smooth like usual, it pains me that I can’t share your burden with you. Once again, I love you. I want you to know that everything shall be ok and Grace will come your way. Anytime you are lonely, please remember to call me.

14. Distance hasn’t reduced the feelings I have for you. In fact I’m always missing you so great, but knowing that it’s you, the pain is good hurt. All the shiny stars that come out in the night remind me of you, I send them my good wishes to you.

15. There’s no single day I’ve not thought about you. And I pray for you day and night to prosper in all ramifications, I thought about it even when many people are sleeping.

16. It is so difficult to be far away from you, but your love is with me. In my heart there is nothing but you. I will never forget the moment we spent together and every memory we shared together are precious to me.

17. I know it is painful for the same hearts to be apart. How I wish I could get rid of all your pain and worries but unfortunately I couldn’t. I miss you a lot and I miss those days we used to hug and kiss each other. But your thoughts alone kill thousands of my burdens.

18. I love you darling… I want to keep my gaze at your beautiful eyes and feel the beat of your hearts again and again. Our love is replicable, new feelings replace old feelings everyday.

19. We have not seen each other for some days, but there’s not a single heartbeat that I’ve escaped without thinking about you. Despite trying to avoid thinking about you, it is really hard! Don’t be lonely, go out and chill and remember that I love you today and tomorrow.

20. I’ve not once had anybody by my side when I needed help except you. You are a selfless person with a golden heart. Always being there for me when I need help is one of the thousand reasons that makes you so special to me.

21. My life is meaningless without you. The best thing that has ever Happened to me in life is you and I’m optimistic that so shall it be.

Long touching love messages to makes him cry  

Long touching love messages to makes him cry  

1. With no doubt, I have fallen for you so much deeper and stronger than I’ve fallen for any man in the world. Frequently dreaming about you makes me so tired, but when I discovered your face, I found your love so meaningful– the reason being that no man has ever made me fall in love the way you did.

2. Even if the distance between us is like the width of the ocean, or the world, our hearts are always connected together and the fate we have for each other won’t be in vain.

3. When I just think about how special you are to me, I can’t stop having more feelings for you. Several times, I think about our destiny and burst out in tears of joy because I know it will be so beautiful. I can’t stop smiling whenever your thoughts come into me. you can’t understand my mind after all this time but I believe you know the worth of my love for you.

3. Every second, every hour, and everyday, you are the only person that comes to my mind. You are my best friend in the universe.

4. I’m very lucky to have you in my life, your thoughts normally come to my mind every day. I can’t imagine how I will cope up without you, my heart bleeds whenever I turn around and can’t find you, but I accept it as fate. I want you to promise me that you’ll get back to being in a good condition to share my love with you again.

5. I’m so happy that you are the only one I can think of, and I promised that I will live for you. No amount of money could stop the love I have for you. I can’t stop crying whenever I think about how you are attracted to a classless girl like me! Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.

Touching love messages to make him cry long distance

Touching love messages to make him cry long distance

1. The distance between us has made me miss you so much. There is not a single second I’ve not thought about you. My heart belongs to you, and I promised to be there for you until death separates us apart. All I want is your safety, please take care of yourself. I love you!

2. I’m not strong enough to be in. Long distance relationship. I keep on missing as days go by, words cannot express my feelings for you. My heart burdens me everyday when we are not together. My world has no meaning without your present.

3. Sweetheart I miss you, your hug, and your kiss. Without you here, I feel so empty, every hour is meaningless. I want you by my side but I can’t stop you from struggling.

4. Please be safe and come back to me. I love you so much and my heart is always with you. 

5. I couldn’t see you physically but you are my heartbeat! I miss you so much and I can’t wait to meet you again.