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Tribute on Death Anniversary

Heart Touching Tribute On Death Anniversary

We all know that life is not separable from death, no matter how much you love someone they must answer the call of death when it is time but is it possible to eradicate the burden left on you when they are gone? Indeed such grief will remain in your after many years or till eternity. 

It is very difficult to get rid of this pain or forget the memory you shared. Every anniversary of their death seems like it just happened afresh and the pain will worsen at that moment. 

When someone precious to you dies, he/she is gone forever, the only way you could  reiterate how much you love them is through emotional attributes on their death anniversary. In this article, we have prepared an emotional attribute on death anniversary.

Tribute on Death Anniversary 

With no doubt, death is inevitable and everyone must test it. But the strongest pain arises when you lose someone you love so much and the burden remains forever no matter how hard you try to let go of it. It could be your mother, father, brother, sister or even your spouse.

Even though the pain can’t be washed away,  it can be relieved by giving them emotional attributes on their death anniversary because it is through these attributes that you’ll express how much they mean to you, the love you have for them and so on. If you don’t know much about this don’t worry, here we have prepared beautiful death anniversary day attributes for you.

Death Anniversary Messages

1. There is no dey pass by without me thinking about you. I will forever remember you.

2. Your demise seems like yesterday to me everyday. I wish I have the ability to bring you back to the world but unfortunately I can’t. May your soul rest in peace.

Tribute on Death Anniversary

3. I burst into tears whenever your thoughts come into me, I will forever miss you. And one-day, we’ll meet again. RIP

4. It is just like a dream to me whenever I wake up in the morning and can’t feel your presence. Your thoughts come up in my mind every second and I hope you rest well.

5. Today being your death anniversary, I pray to God Almighty to forgive your shortcomings and grant you heaven. See you again.

6. I have faced so many problems in life but losing is my biggest problem so far and I regret it every day.

7. Your death has caused a burden in my heart and it worsens everyday. May you meet with the rightful angles.

8. Today marks exactly one year since you left me alone in this sinful world and I’m waiting hopefully for the day we’ll meet again, Sweetheart, rest in peace on your death anniversary.

9. The memories we shared keep on reflecting in my heart every second. But I can’t do anything to wish you farewell. May heaven be your final abode.

10. To me you are still alive, we just can’t see or talk to each other at the moment. Can’t wait to see the beautiful day we’ll meet.

11. When you left this sinful world, others were crying but I closed my eyes and smiled knowing that your final destination is heaven. RIP

12. I still see you whenever I close my eyes even though you have departed for so long. I strongly hope that you are doing well there.

13. Not every single second count without thinking about you, how would I know that life could be this boring when you are gone? I will always keep you in mind until we meet again.

13. Life is so boring without you, in loving memories, you shall always be remembered till the day we meet.

14. Today marks exactly 365 days since you departed from the world but what you left on earth keeps your memories live. RIP

15. I keep on hoping everyday that you’ll still come back to me but unfortunately you are truly no more. I hope your second world is beautiful.

16. The wound you left in my heart can never be healed until we meet again. Rest in peace.

17. You are the best friend I’ve ever met, and I hope you are having a good time in heaven.

18. Since you left us, everyone who knows you have by testifying how good you were during your lifetime. Your good deeds can never be forgotten. We miss you!

19. No amount of mourning can bring you back to me or reduce the pain in me again. All I have for you best wishes to your soul.  RIP

20. Your demise is like yesterday and the memories we shared keep everything afresh. I hope we meet in heaven.

21. You are irreplaceable in my life mom. It is your death anniversary and all I can say is rest well.

22. Today reminds me of you again. By this time last year, you left me without saying a word. Want to remind you that I miss you.

23. Today marked exactly one year since your beloved husband departed from this world. May his soul rest in peace.

24. On this, we pray that may your soul rest in peace.

25. We hope your soul rests well. May God give your loved one your replacement. 

26. It is so sad that you are no more. Today makes the memory we shared with you afresh. Rest well darling.

27. Today is your death anniversary. May you live in peace in your second world.

Tribute on Death Anniversary

28. On this day, we want to let you know that you have always remained in our hearts and your good deeds are not forgotten.

29. When you were with us, we didn’t know the value of the role you play until you are gone. We miss you today and forever.

30. Even though it has been 365 days since you left us, nothing changed because you still have a place in our hearts. We could have if we can do anything to bring you back to us. RIP

31. Thinking about you everyday but today your thoughts erupt in our hearts mostly as it is the day we lost you. The love we have for you lasts forever.

32. We were together a year ago on this date. But today you are no more. Rest well.

33. With heavy hearts, we are celebrating your death anniversary today. We strongly hope that you are dwelling in peace for all these years you left us.

34. Many years have passed by but the pain in our heart is still enormous, your death is just like a dream to everyone but we can’t question God. Rest well

35. As someone precious to us, we want to let you know that your memories still remain in our heart. May we meet again.

36. We want to let you know that you are gone but not forgotten, we admire every single work you have done for us and may heaven be your reward.

37. Accept my condolences for the lost of your love one

Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes 

Please have pity and grace on [name] as they transition from this world into eternity, Heavenly Father. Please give them peace and rest and take them into your loving arms. We also pray for those who are left behind, asking that they may experience your presence and the assurance of eternal life as a source of consolation and hope. May [namesoul ]’s find eternal peace and experience your unconditional love. We fervently pray in your holy name, Amen.

Dear Lord, as [name] begins their journey into eternal rest, we hold them up in prayer. Please give them peace and rest and take them into your loving arms. We also pray for those who are left behind, asking that they may experience your presence and the assurance of eternal life as a source of consolation and hope. We fervently pray in your holy name, Amen.

As we reflect on their life and the love they showed to those around them, we lift up [name] in prayer to you, O God. Please give those who are grieving solace and calm, and may they find encouragement in your assurance of eternal life. Amen.

Tribute on Death Anniversary

1. He needs your forgiveness for his sins in order to join you in the heavenly kingdom and live forever.

2. I beseech You to spare his soul pain and to do everything it takes to raise him up among Your saints on the day of resurrection and reward.

3. Lord, grant him rest from every pain and let Your light shine for him!

4. by your Son, Jesus Christ, in the harmony of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

5. I pray to You for (say the name of your late father), whom You took from this world, at this Moment of Faith via the intercession of Saint Joseph, in the Col of Jesus, in the KairĂ³s.

6. Bring him joy, tranquility, and brightness.

7. May he join the company of Your saints in eternal light after passing through death, as You promised Abraham and his seed.

8. My life’s hero, you were my darling. Without you, I feel incredibly lonely. Dad, you are sorely missed. I constantly pray for you.

9. I think God is watching and listening to me. On this day, I’m sending you a ton of prayers. I have no doubt that God will hear my prayers. Peace be with you.